Articles for the protection in your training. Now more than ever it is important to protect yourself when doing any physical activity. Especially if you like impact sports like muay thai, kickboxing and boxing.

If you take online classes or train on your own, staying at home, you must bear in mind that your safety is the most important.

That is why we have a selection of articles to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body and those that are used the most in these sports.

The wrists and ankles they are an essential part of a muay thai or kick boxing and boxing practice. Therefore you should use Boxing bandage semi elastic to make a professional bandage and to be able to work at your level in costal or upper pad.

The anklets They are a fundamental part of training, they hold the ankle joint and warm it up more quickly to eliminate sprains and avoid slipping due to lack of adherence to the floor or due to sweat.

If you need a tatami floor For your training, be it fitness or sports, we invite you to contact us for more information through: