Sodium Chlorite plus Activator Cds Mms, Kalcher Water Sanitizer ON REQUEST

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 Sodium Chlorite plus Activator Cds, Water Sanitizer

Naturally eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites from your body.

Protection against COVID_19

DISINFECTANT: Antiviral Antibacterial Fungicideda
(Viruses, Bacteria, Microbes, Fungi)

It is used internally to keep the body alkalized and disease free.

Package includes:

  • 1 amber bottle of 125 ml with Sodium Chlorite at 28%
  • 1 amber bottle of 125 ml of Activator HCL 44%)



Due to high demand, it is delivered 10-15 business days after your purchase. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • Very high quality and purity.
  • Sodium chlorite should never be used alone. It should always be activated with an acid.
  • 125 ml opaque container, to preserve all its quality and optimal conservation.

¿What is MMS?

MMS is Chlorine Dioxide which, when combined with a bit of Sodium Chlorite with an activator, releases a gas with a powerful internal disinfectant effect in our body that goes into the bloodstream and has the ability to kill all bacteria and viruses very effectively. , fungi and parasites.

¿How MMS arises?

The Aerospace engineer and gold prospector Jim Humble accidentally discovered while in the jungle, the cure for malaria, a disease contracted by the people who traveled with him on that expedition in search of gold.

When he saw them suffering from the disease, he offered to take the water disinfectant that he carried for his personal use, as his reasoning was, if our body is made up of 80% of water. What happens if you disinfect the body's waterpo?

And so he asked his companions if they were willing to take what he offered them. Their discomfort was so great that they would agree to try almost anything. What would be your surprise that four hours later they were joking about how bad they felt a few hours before.

Hence his interest in continuing to discover and develop what he has called MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement.).

 ¿How MMS works?

The body is a network of electrons that communicate with each other. Then when the person is sick, a large amount of energy is consumed, which is needed to keep the body healthy and in good working order. By lowering energy, intracellular communication between the disease and the immune system is lost, if the body does not communicate to the brain that something is not working correctly, it does not give the instruction to restore itself.e.

¿What diseases can be treated with MMS?

 MMS has been used successfully in all types of infections of the urine, prostate, ovaries, uterus, mouth, etc., asthma, hepatitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, malaria, all types of parasites, congestions, depressions, diabetes, herpes, acne, candida, appendicitis, cancer, flu or influenza, psoriasis, tumors, Parkinson's disease, ADD, inflammations, anxiety, dandruff, Crohn's disease, yellow fever, hemorrhoids, urinary infections, mercury poisoning, lupus, moles and warts, otitis, Insect bites, prostatitis, psoriasis, burns, salmonellosis, pressure ulcer, varicose ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, HIV AIDS, among others. It is recognized as the best disinfectant and against all viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites.o.