Costal Banana Machine Fight Muay Thai 1.8m

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 Costal Banana The Machine Fight Gear

Professional Genuine Leather or Vini Leather Costal

The Machine Fight Gear use Genuine Leather or Vini Leather of the highest quality, giving a thickness of thickness and resistance in its durability at the highest professional level.

The bags in Genuine Leather or Vini Leather have an internal lining for greater resistance and durability, so the bag finally has 2 layers in its manufacture that guarantee its long life and professional development in your work.

The internal linings improve the resistance of the weight and work movement as the protection of the padding that does not have contact with the exterior of the semi-skin, in the case of any accident of breakage with the first outer semi-leather layer you can guarantee the internal filling with the second lining, a total professional guarantee.

4 handles for hanging, the union of the handles with the sewn tongue are made of GENUINE LEATHER for greater resistance to movement and weight to be supported.

4 rings of the highest quality for weight support and easy adaptation for grips in its installation.

Zip-type closure: hermetic system that improves durability such as the introduction of dust, humidity, filling outlets due to impacts, it also has a tab for protection in the closure.

Handmade in Mexico.

PADDING: The material we use to fill the bags is completely clean textile fabric and free of any impurities that could damage the bag.

SHIPPING NOTE: All of our products come with quality packaging so that the product reaches your hands in perfect condition.

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