DRAGON Masterline Analgesic Ointment for hot and cold effects

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Dragon Masterline Pomade

Ointment to relieve muscle and joint pain 100 artisan..

Due to its consistency, the ointment is slowly absorbed and its effect lasts longer.

It is a powerful combination of methyl salicylate, menthol and camphor, which make it a powerful analgesic and muscle and joint anti-inflammatory.

It can be used in a focused way or in larger areas.

Indicated for those who suffer from intense pain or for those who perform intense physical exercise.

Contains Camphor which gives it a hot and cold effect.

It can be used for any physical activity, especially for contact sports.

Use it before to warm up the muscle and avoid injuries such as muscle tears and strains.

After physical activity to reduce pain and muscle inflammation caused by strokes or excessive exercise.

Presentation: 90gr

Made in Mexico.