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Decha Fight Gear Sparring Gloves 

  • Made in Semi Leather
  • 3-layer foam system

  • The Sparring model gloves are indicated for the beginning of your stage in contact sport, their small size is ideal for sparring and their classic short wrist Thai style provide a loose movement for the clinch.

    Tight-fitting gloves to ensure a good hand feel and 3 layers of knuckle protection for professional protectionto the.


    Thumb attached to the glove for injury prevention.

    Ergonomically shaped glove that perfectly molds your fist to help disperse impact force, side protection for impacts, and features additional foam padding inserted into the wrist that helps protect against injury.

    Wrap-around wrist closure for a velcro closure that keeps your wrist in the correct position.

    Designed to improve the protection of your metacarpals, phalanges and thumb without limiting the power of your blows.

    Waterproof inner lining to repel moisture and sweat.

    Internal anti-microbial lining that ensures fast drying and greater moisture absorption for odor prevention.

    We recommend a light bandage, the glove is tight and will give you good professional support for your hand, wrist and knuckle protection.