Organic multivitamin apple flavor 240g

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Why Choose Organic Fruit and Vegetable Multivitamin?

It is the only natural multivitamin available in Mexico that promotes the proper functioning of your entire body such as eyesight, heart, brain, and respiratory system. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, give it what it needs with this product.


Organic apple, organic banana, organic strawberry, organic lemon, organic goji berry, organic spinach, organic carrot, organic broccoli, USDA Organic apple flavor, and organic stevia.

What does it not contain?

Vitamins made in laboratories that are bought in tablets. Aspartame, Asesulfame K (Asesulfame Potassium), artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

How to use

Mix 1 tablespoon with half a liter of drinking water.

Up to 3 times a day.