Fairtex Professional Sauna Suit for Weight Loss and Training

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Sauna suit for training and preparation for fighters

¿But what is a sauna suit? A sauna suit or calledo sauna exercise suit It is a sweat suit or sauna suit, built with the aim of losing weight faster.

If you have ever tried saunas, you will know that sweating so much makes you lose weight. So if you add that sauna effect to a suit and exercise with it, you will be able to lose weight faster.

From Solo Martial Arts you will find sauna suits, because they are used byathletes, boxers and fighters. In our guild the martial arts are used from time to time, by many fighters, because we are facing a training suit that aims to burn more and lose weight sooner as a result.

It is a popular training item for professional and amateur Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA fighters. The entire costume is black with metallic trim. The tough vinyl fabric makes for a truly durable garment. If you are struggling frequently and need to lose weight regularly, this suit will serve you much better than a generic exercise suit.

The jacket has a sturdy zipper that will withstand continuous use and movement. The collar of the jacket can be worn high, up to the chin to trap as much heat as possible. Or, you can wear the lower collar so it rests comfortably around your neck. The right chest of the jacket features the Twins symbol; A large cufflinks logo is on the back of the jacket. The waist, cuffs and ankles are equipped with strong elastic. The design helps trap air, moisture, and heat to promote sweating - everything you need to cut weight before a fight!!

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